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Indian Christian Assembly Church History

Mumbai is a big and wide city where people from several states dwells. In this big city, through God Choosen people and through few youths who had a zeal and will to build God’s kingdom this All India United Gospel Revival Meeting was started. Among the God’s spirit filled youths for their thirst to establish true spiritual church in Mumbai city, the first Pentecost church was been established by Pastor. Samuel (Allangulam, Tamil Nadu).

Pastor Samuel along with Bro. C. Chella Durai, Bro. C. Selvaraj, Bro Kovil Pichai and few active youths gathered and prayed. On the year 1966 “All India Gospel Revival Meeting” were started and the very first Pentecost church was been established.

Dharavi was been considered as the biggest slum area in Asia. In Dharavi, there is a place named Dorwada, the place was muddy and stinking. In this place God wished to pour is pleasant smell of Gospel. On that time, few youths together purchased a small land and established the church. The same church is now grown like a banyan tree in front of our eyes names as INDIAN CHRISTIAN ASSEMBLY CHURCH.

On the difficult situation, when there was no government approved Christian organization in Dharavi for Christians funeral service. Concerning this problem Pastor Samuel and Bro. C. Chella Durai joined with the organization of Pastor Daniel from Pollur and was formed as one organization named “Indian Christian Assembly of God”.

On that time through the help of New Life Fellowship Pastor Joseph, Pastor Pattrison who was doing God’s Ministry in Mumbai through Pastor Daniel from Pollur. Church Ministry started Growing.

During this time, due to some personal reason Pastor Samuel went to Tamil Nadu. At this time when this church was struggling without a proper administration God choosed Pastor C. Chella Durai for this church. In the year 1976, On a powerful Revival meeting at Dharavi, where more than One Lakh people were gathered in front of that great crowd, God choosed and called by name Pastor Chella Durai and was anointed for God’s ministry.

Thereafter, day by day church ministry started gowing in Mumbai city 7 branch churches were established in Dharavi, Chembur, Banndup, Mulund, Mumbai, Thane As much as the Church grown the problems of satan also came.

In this situation when New Life Fellowship, for management facilities compelled this curch to join under New Life Fellowship with God’s Vision and God’s will this church decide to function independently.

On the year 1989, the church has been registered under Indian Government and worked independently. Thereafter the ministry grown day by day. Our church grown day by day as mentioned in the bible, In the first century the church grown day by day.

As the strength of the church increased church member can’t sit comfortably and worship God. Due to less space. We were in great trouble and church was facing several problem. While constructing the church building we faced many more problems for God and His church. We came across many troubled and even put to shame wandering here and there. In the midst of this by the grace of God, and the prayer support of women’s, the church elders who were always ready to go Government office, and by the youth who had worked hard day and night without any fear. At that time on the year 2003. God helped to enlarge this church building.

By the year 2009, as the strength of the church had increased and again the church member were facing the problem each Sunday to sit comfortably inside the church and believers need to stand outside the church which is great difficult during heavy heat and rain. So to make the church more spacious. At April 2009, we planned to built the first floor of the church. For this we faced many problems from the neighbors and wherein the Christians who called themselves as God’s servant filed more than 50 complaints at police station and B.M.C office and was even ready to go till court to demolish the church.

At this time the church women’s prayed much for this and God showed his grace through the government officers and politics leaders who was in favor of church constructions even when thy were put to trouble for helping us in this problem. We thank God for the church youths who worked hard day and night and had not give up even when the situation was worst. Initially we planned only to put a roof at a height of 7 feet but God made a way when it seems to be no way. It was a great miracle whatever we did it succeed and the whole construction work was done. This God’s work was like a dream for our eyes.

By the abundant grace of God this church had grown today with 150 families and more than 500 people gathering for service.

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